I love the online planning! It is an answer to prayer. I really enjoy the accountability it provides, not to mention the neat and orderly way to keep our records and plan.

- Kathryn
"This site has encouraged me to have the confidence to do this. I am very grateful for your website and the fact that I can look things up to help with my teaching skills. Thank you,thank you!"

- Mrs. PT
"Thank you very much for your wonderful program. It is helping our school day go much smoother! You are an answer to prayer!"

- Kim
"Your web site is great! Thank you for the support that it gives."

- Christine
"I really like the website a lot and it has been a HUGE help in organizing our home school this year."

- Stephanie
"I am so thrilled to find your website!! Thank you for understanding that we are ususally one income families that have to pay extra for our children to be homeschooled and to have them involved in extra-curricular activities. Making your website free has been a dream come true. I bet when you started homeschooling your children you did not realize how many families you would help. Kudos to you!!!

- Ann Marie
Thank you, thank you, thank you!! This is the best tool for any homeschool parent.

- Lisa Marie
"My computer crashed last month, and sadly we lost a lot. . .but I am thankful that all the kids school work wasn't stored on my PC or that would be very disappointing. I can get to your site, and to our school, on the old computer we hooked up for now, and I can update it all. I am thankful that I can do that--thank you!"

- Suzy